Each student at St. Albert the Great Parish School has been issued a St. Albert Google account. This account has a limited-use email address associated with it, meaning that it can only be used to exchange emails with other St. Albert students, faculty, and staff -- it cannot be used for general internet email.

Students login to their St. Albert Google account by visiting gmail.com on any internet-connected device and logging in with their email address and password.  NOTE: If you are not using a Chromebook, we have found that using the Chrome web browser works best.  If you don't have Chrome, use Firefox.  Using Internet Explorer tends to lead to problems.

  1. Student email addresses are of the form:


Note the full/complete first name, the “.” between the first and last names, and the XX, which is the last two digits of the student’s 8th grade graduation year.

For example, if Luke Skywalker is in the 6th grade (i.e., the class of 2018), Luke’s email address is luke.skywalker18@stalbert.org. Han Solo is in 2nd grade (i.e., class of 2022); his email address is han.solo22@stalbert.org.

Note that email addresses are not case sensitive -- you can use “han.solo22@stalbert.org” or “Han.Solo22@StAlbert.org”; either will work fine.

  1. Each student has been assigned an initial password that is their Rediker ID from last year. Specifically, it is “300” followed by the student’s lunch ID. For example, “30012345.”

The first time each student logs in, he/she will be required to change their password.

Common problems:

  • Ensure to use the full “@stalbert.org” suffix.

  • Ensure to use the student’s full first name that is on file with the school. For example, use “william,” not “bill.”

  • Double check that the student’s lunch ID is correct.

If your student still has problems logging in with their St. Albert Google account, submit a ticket on FreshDesk.